We’ve got you covered!

Weatherwise Tent Rentals Inc. has been specializing in providing tent rentals since 1996. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we provide tents and accessories for weddings, corporate events and personal events.

At Weatherwise Tent Rentals, we understand that our customers are looking for more than just a “big-top” to keep the rain out; our customers want us to create a space and an environment which is suitable for a very special occasion.

Our tents are made of a waterproof laminated vinyl. The tent top blocks UV, and the glossy white exterior reflects sunlight, which helps to maintain a comfortable environment on hot days. 

Weatherwise tents are designed to be elegant and attractive. They have a high-gloss exterior. The canopy is all-white, has a scalloped trim and is supported by tall poles to create a spacious and beautiful environment.

We specialize in high quality white tents with french window walls for a wide range of events.

  • weddings
  • back yard parties
  • festivals
  • corporate functions

We have the accessories that you need.

  • round and rectangular tables
  • three styles of white chairs
  • hardwood dance floor
  • decorative lighting

And the tent type and size that you are looking for.

  • more than 25 tent sizes and styles
  • tents for nearly any area
  • bar canopies
  • caterer’s tents