About Us

We started our business in 1996. At the time, our main focus was on designing and manufacturing tents to meet more demanding weather conditions. Our thinking was that, with coming climate change, the weather would become more unpredictable: windier, wetter, dryer, hotter, colder and generally more variable. Really, we did not know what kind of weather the future would bring, but we felt strongly that then-current tenting practices and designs did not reflect the potential for a new weather paradigm.

The first concrete expression of this focus was choosing a name. We would be Weatherwise and we would be prepared for whatever the weather had in store. The next step was to build tents that were strong enough to be anchored to withstand severe weather and to develop an anchoring system to compliment these designs. We have been glad that we started with this foundation and outlook. In 20 years, our tents have seen no significant damage from weather events.

From this solid foundation of strong, well-anchored tents, our company began to make white tents with french window walls. We started building white tents because they would be much cooler on hot days. Soon, we were being asked to provide this type of tent for nearly every type of event: festivals, picnics, corporate events, fundraisers and especially weddings. At first, we were surprised at how many different types of non-wedding customers wanted essentially what is a wedding tent. But then it began to make sense that bright, beautiful, cool, clean and new would be a good fit for any event, and so we make sure that that is what each of our customers receives.