Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a tent?
To book a tent, you should start by calling us to ensure that the tent size that you want is available for your date. If you are interested in renting accessories, such as tables and chairs, you should check on the availability of these items as well. Once we have confirmed that the items you want are available, a rental agreement will be written up describing what you are renting, the cost, where it will be set up and when. Along with a rental agreement, a deposit is also required to book a tent.
Do I need to leave a deposit?
We require a deposit of 50% to reserve a tent. The deposit would also apply to any tables, chairs or other accessories that you might rent. The balance of the rental is not due until the tent is installed. In other words, we set up the tent (and deliver the accessories if rented) and make sure that you are satisfied with everything before you will be asked for payment of the remaining 50%.
How far in advance do I need to book a tent?
Booking a tent or accessories is always subject to availability, so it is important that you book your tent or accessories while they are still available. Some weekends will completely book up before others and, unfortunately, it is difficult to predict exactly when this will happen. However, you can contact us at any time and ask if a tent is currently available for the date that you have in mind.
What will the tent cost?

We have a price list which covers all of our tent sizes and accessories. The prices also include delivery and set up if the tent is to be installed in Winnipeg. If the tent is to be installed outside of Winnipeg, there would be an extra travel charge.

How do I know what tent size is appropriate for my event?
To help our customers pick a tent, size we provide a seating capacity guide which gives a general idea of how many people each tent size can accommodate. The seating capacity guide contains links to diagrams of tents which have tables and chairs drawn to scale . These are available for all of our tent sizes on this website. These diagrams show reception set ups with round or rectangular tables.
How do I know if a tent will fit in my yard?
If you are renting a pole-style tent, you will need a grass area that is at least 10 feet larger than the tent on all four sides. So, for example, a 40’x60′ pole-tent requires a grass area that is 60’x80′. Normally, a frame-style tent requires only 5 extra feet of space on all four sides. So, for example, a 20’x40′ frame tent can be set-up in an area that is 30’x50′. The pole-style tent is best installed on an area that is all-grass while the frame tent can be on nearly any surface. In both cases, the area where the tent is to be installed cannot have obstructions on the ground or lack proper overhead clearance. Because it is important to ensure that a proposed site is suitable, for a fee we offer site inspections for customers who are not sure if they have enough room for a given tent size.
Can I have a tent set up on a parking lot or in a driveway?
We can always set up frame-style tents on a non-grass surface. Frame-style tents do not require any stakes or anchors in order to remain standing, although they do have to be secured so that they are not affected by strong winds. Often, they can be secured with weights. It may still be possible to install a pole tent, but a site inspection is usually necessary to be sure.
Do I have to set up the tent?
No, we set up and remove the tents. The prices quoted in the price list include set up, removal as well as delivery within the Winnipeg area.
When will the tent be delivered?
The rates quoted on the price list are for the weekend, which usually means a Friday set up and a Monday removal. However, these rates can also be viewed as 2-day rates. So, for example, if a customer requests that a tent be installed on Thursday and removed on Sunday, the rate would be the same as the “weekend rate” since the tent is still being used for 2 days (Friday & Saturday). The period in the day when the tent will be installed or removed is determined at the time of booking; when a tent is booked, we must ensure that the set up and removal times do not conflict with other rentals.
Do you set up tents out of town?
Yes. There is a travel charge for out of town locations.
What is the cost for delivery?

If the tent is installed in Winnipeg, the delivery and pick up are included in the price. For locations outside of the city, there is a travel charge which is based on the distance to your site. Currently, we charge $1.75 for every kilometre that we travel, and this applies to each of the 4 one-way trips that we make. So, for example, if your site is in Teulon, which is 50 kms, we would make 4 one-way trips (or 2 return trips) to install the tent and then remove it at the end of the weekend. We would have travelled 200 kms (50 kmsX4) to do this. The total cost for travel for this location would be 200 X $1.75 = $350.00. So again, for Teulon, 50kms X $7.00/km= $350.00.

Can I pick up the tent and install it myself?
We don’t rent out tents that customers could install themselves.
Are tables, chairs, and other accessories delivered with the tent?
Yes. When you rent tables, chairs, dance floor or any other accessories, we bring them out with the tent and remove them when the tent is removed.
Do you charge extra to deliver tables, chairs and dance floor?
No. There is no charge for delivery of tables, chairs and dance floor when they are rented with a tent, even if they are going to an out-of-town location. Once you pay the travel charge for your location, there is no additional charge for adding items on to your order, other than the cost of the items themselves.
Who sets up the tables and chairs?
Our customers are responsible for setting up the tables and chairs. We look after installing the tent, the lighting and the dance floor. Tables and chairs are delivered to the inside of the tent.