Dance Floor

Our dance floor lays so close to the ground that many of our customers will set up tables during dinner that are partly off, and partly on, the floor! Our low-lying floor does not need to be supported because it is made of larger sections (a full 4’x8′ each) and these sections have super-strong steel seams. These seams allow the floor to mask most of the unevenness of the ground and keep the floor very stable. Our floor has a hardwood urethane finish and provides just the right balance of friction vs. traction that is needed for a dance floor. In fact, this floor was designed by someone who loves dancing, who wanted to make having a large dance floor on grass a viable option for customers who are on a budget. At $1.50 per square foot, he was successful.

8 sections, 256 sq.ft. dance floor (16’x16′) $384.00

Our Dance Floors

A dance floor that is designed specifically for use on grass
  • very low-lying – the edge of the floor is nearly flush with the ground
  • you can use the whole dance floor, even the edges
  • beautiful hardwood urethane finish
  • super-strong seems will not fail.

At $1.50 per square foot, you can order as much as you need.

Watch this video of Stephen using his floor!